Coconut Essential Oil

Love relaxing by the beach and enjoying the tropical scents?

Coconut essential oil has one of the most invigorating aromas. Coconut essential oil brings you to the beach and island lifestyle. What is it and how does it work?

coconut essential oil- the guide to using coconut essential oil


Lets learn about coconut essential oil!

I know for me there is nothing better than enjoying the calm ocean as the waves rock back and forth. The beautiful aroma of freshness, and the sights of clear water and soft sand makes it an escape from a stressful workweek. What is better than this? Not much, but second best is relaxing with your essential oils diffuser. As you enjoy the aromatizing and calming scents while you enjoy a cup of tea and read a book. Essential oils transport you and allow you to relax and feel relief from everything around you. There are so many aromas and blends that there is so much variety and sometimes this can create a bit of confusion. This is why we decided to cover coconut essential oil in this article. Read on and learn more about this amazing aroma.

One of the best scents is coconut, to help you relax and take you on a calm trip. However, coconut essential oil is not recommended on a diffuser since it is not completely natural. Unfortunately there is no way to extract pure coconut oil, therefore synthetic materials are used to help the process. As a side note some people have had success with using partly synthetic essential oils in their diffuser. There have been costumers who use coconut essential oil in their diffusers. The best thing to do for your diffuser is to keep up with its maintenance, by cleaning it after use and keeping it clean.

If you would like to enjoy the aroma of coconut essential oil, it is recommended that you use it in different forms. For example there are candles and essence in this scents. Fragrance coconut essential oils are mixed with synthetic scents to produce the invigorating aroma. Coconut oil is different since it is a thicker oil used in many other products. Fragrance coconut oils can be purchased in may forms although they are not natural. Or a popular way to use essential oils that are not 100% natural is to use a diffuser that isn't electric. One that doesn't require a USB connection or wall connection. We offer a variety of beautiful necklaces and car diffusers that use no energy! They are great for diffusing your essential oils so that you can always keep them with you. This would be a great way for you to use your coconut essential oil.


Coconut oil is different than coconut essential oil which is a misconception. Coconut oil can be used in many ways to create a more natural and therapeutic form of products you might be using.  By replacing many of the toxic and manmade products you are using with coconut oil you can make a huge impact in your lifestyle and in your health. Here are just a few uses of coconut oil.


Common uses of regular (non fragrance)coconut oil:

  • Used for cooking instead of oil or cooking spray
  • Healthy food toppings
  • Used for energy as a drink
  • For skin:
  • Wrinkle reducer
  • Moisturizer
  • Used in lotions
  • Lip Balm
  • Baths
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorants



You get the idea! To sum it all up there are two types of coconut oils. The essential coconut oil which falls under the fragrance category and the regular coconut oil which is used for many other products. Even though essential coconut oil is not 100% natural it shouldn't deter you from using it. There are many ways to enjoy the invigorating fragrance. Remember that since it is synthetic if you are using it on your skin you should perform a skin test on a small area of your skin. Like any synthetic product and even sometimes natural products there is a risk of allergic reactions occurring. Try a small patch of skin and continue from there.



The best way to use your coconut essential oil and other non natural essential oils is to use a non electric diffuser. This way you can use it for its fragrance, rather than the therapeutic effects natural essential oils have.


Coconut oil has an amazing aroma that many seek out for its refreshing and tropical scents. It brings you to the beach as you picture yourself relaxing on a hammock and enjoying your day. Even though coconut essential oil isn't natural it can still be used for fragrance. So enjoy your coconut essential oil! And use coconut oil in as many ways as possible!



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