Where To Buy Essential Oils Locally

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Wether you are starting out with essential oils or your are already an expert, we've all had the same questions: Where do I find essential oil stores near me? Or just simply: Where do I buy essential oils? This is a great question since as we all know not all essential oils are made the same. It depends on the brand, the way they are distilled and mostly your preference and purpose for them. Buying essential oils locally can be confusing which is exactly why we made this purchasing guide.


First you must find realize that there are a wide variety of essential oil brands. Some more pricey than others. The cheapest and most common essential oils are synthetic and aren't completely natural. Which is perfectly fine iff you only need them for essence and fragrance. These essential oils aren't therapeutic and should never be used in essential oil diffusers.


Next you need to determine your preference. This varies a lot since some people love brands that others don’t. Unfortunately the only way to find your preference is to try various brands.


Once you determine what you are looking for its time to find your essential oils locally. As a tip even though it can seem convenient to go to your local store and buy your essential oils nearby. There is a much wider variety and easier selection at your preferred brand’s website. Find your favorite brand and look through their website. The only problem with not buying your essential oils locally is that you have to wait for shipping and the usual problems that may come from that.


If you are interested in buying your essential oils online you can check out our 100% essential oils pack online. These are great for beginners since they come with a variety of aromas so that you can find your favorite. And most importantly at very reasonable prices with free shipping.


Here are some of the best places to shop for essential oils locally.



The reason I list CVS is that they have a thousands of stores around the country. You will be sure to find essential oils nearby. Besides the convenience the have some great brands and there prices are reasonable. There main brand is Botanic Spa, which I have found to work great in essential oil diffusers.



Just like CVS there is bound to be one nearby! The brand they carry is Nature’s truth. This brand carries many different aromas and has a wider variety than Botanic Spa.



This is one of my favorite places to buy essential oils locally. There brand is NOW and as well as Nature’s Answer. I prefer to look through their products online to find reviews and then purchasing my essential oils nearby. I visit GNC for supplements and while I’m there it is convent to purchase a few essential oils. A few of my favorites that they carry include: Bergamot and Geranium, they also have: Orange, Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint which are some of the most common.


Whole Foods

Whole foods is known for its healthy lifestyle products. It shouldn't be surprising how they carry some of the best brands in essential oils. They carry Aura Cacia, NOW, and Whole Body which is their own brand. I have noticed that when I buy essential oils nearby, at my local Whole Foods they don't have a large variety at the store.


Locally Owned Stores

Essential oils can be bought locally form locally owned stores. These are usually small stores that sell essential oils and are ran by the owner. They are difficult to find online sometimes due to their small online presence. However, the best way to find these are by word of mouth. They will usually carry a wide variety of essential oils locally and the costumer service is usually great. The essential oils are therapeutic and you can network with people who are also into essential oils. I have been to a few locally owned stores and the owners have been extremely nice. I highly recommend you find a small store to buy your essential oils as long as they have  a good variety.


Wherever you decide to buy you essential oils, whether locally or online; we hope you enjoy your aromatherapy. Aromatherapy allows you to escape to your happy place. Find your favorite essential oils or blends and you will love how they make you feel.


As always, we are here for you please let us know how we can help you, and check out our essential oil diffusers. We have a wide variety of essential oil diffusers at amazing prices! These are high quality, diffusers not available in stores and we promise you will love them. The best part is that we pay for shipping so you don't have to! Check them out today!



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